1. Family name: Smolyankina
2. First names: Svetlana

3. Date of birth: 04.12.1983
4. Education: Master Degree in aircraft design from National Aerospace University/Kharkiv Aviation Institute (2006)
5. Contact info: Email:, +380 50 689 87 07, +380 67 224 23 36

6. Education, Experience and Achievements:

Floral education Place and duration
Workhop on modern floristry by Ms.Moniek Vanden Berghe 27.09.2014, Alden Biesen Castle, Belgium
Workshop «Wedding floristry: tables, arches and vehicles» by Ms. Inna Petrenko, Flower Show 23.05.2014- 26.05.2014, Kyiv, Ukraine
Seminar on floristry by Mr. Pim van den Akker
30.11.2013 Kyiv, Ukraine
Workshop on Easter floristry by Moscow-based Ms. Agnessa Voskresenskaya 06.04.2012 Kyiv, Ukraine
Workshop on bouquets in carcasses by Ms.Galina
02.05.2012 Kyiv, Ukraine
Foundations of European floristry by Ms. Galina
01.04.2012 – 01.05.2012 Kyiv, Ukraine


Experience in floristry Place and duration
Floral cooperation with renowned Estonia-based florists 15 Jun 2015  - ongoing, Tallinn, Estonia
Floral assistant at Fleurop World Cup 2015 08 June – 13 June, 2015, Berlin, Germany
Floral assistant at Minsk international flower show 30.05 – 02.06 2015, Minsk, Belarus
Assistant to Ms. Inna Petrenko for Flower Party 2014 01.11.2014-30.11.2014, Kyiv, Ukraine
Member of team Ukraine at Fleuramour 2014 22 Sept- 28 Sept, 2014 Alden Biesen Castle, Bilzen, Belgium
Decoration of Kyivstar annual corporate event 08.03.2013, Kyiv, Ukraine
Decoration of Fryday W event with Dutch
Ambassador to Ukraine
17.04.2013 Kyiv, Ukraine
Decoration of Nordic Business Day 2013 in Kyiv 15.03.2013, Kyiv, Ukraine
Master class for kids «How to make a bouquet» 01.09.2013, Kyiv, Ukraine


Achievements in floristry Short description
Floral assistant to Taiwanese master of floristry Elly Lin at Fleurop World Cup 2015 Multitask assistance before and during Elly Lin’s floral show, work with flowers, forms and constructions, backstage assignments during the floral show
Floral assistant to Swedish master of floristry Per Benjamin at Fleurop World Cup 2015 Assisting in creation of various forms constructions for the floral workshops, work with flowers, plastics and wool materials. Helping participants during the workshops.
Member of national team of Ukraine at Fleuramour 2014 Floral design and decoration of  living spaces *rooms in Alden Biesen Castle
Floral assistant to national champion of Ukraine Inna Petrenko at Minsk international flower show 2015 Assisting in creation of bouquets, compositions and wreaths Since 2012 I have been successfully running my own online floral shop focusing on weddings, decorations, bouquets and
Growing clientele Among my clients I can particularly single out Embassy of Finland to Ukraine, Education and Cultural Center “Master Class”, Slava Frolova´s Art Picnic project.

7. Language skills: Indicates competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1-excellent; 5 – basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing
Russian native native native
Ukrainian native native native
English 2 2 2
Estonian basic basic basic

8. Open-minded, social and communicative, hard-working,able to work under pressure and meet the deadlines. Driving licence: category  B
9.  My passion and interests: I am particularly fond of bouquets and floral compositions and installations. My work is mainly influenced by west-European floral schools particularly Dutch, Belgic, German, Scandinavian and Spanish traditions. On the other hand I often get my inspiration from natural colours and flowers typical for Ukraine´s countryside. In my work I pay special attention to colour interactions and proportions. I allow myself to experiment only when I know what I want from the experiment. In my floral works and design I often strive for exquisite simplicity.

КИЕВ 050 689 87 07